Pär Boström is a composer and artist, born in 1982 in north of Sweden. He makes music under many names but is most recognised for the dark ambient projects Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast. Since 2004, Teahouse Radio has been an intimate, hidden therapeutic world between worlds, a place of nostalgia mixed with melancholia, and a way to fight mental illness with music. Her Quiet Garden is the debut album, recorded between 2004-2017.

Hypnagoga Press is a music label and publishing house based in Umeå, Sweden, run by siblings Pär Boström and Åsa Boström. Mostly focusing on the siblings’ own music, literature and art, Hypnagoga Press will publish everything from limited fine art prints, children’s books and poetry, to dark ambient and classical music. Hypnagoga Press unites the siblings’ aesthetics, influenced by their earlier collaborations, travels and shared interests, such as mysticism, experimental music and explorations of nostalgic, liminal and peripheral atmospheres.